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MercyCare Maddington Celebrates Official Opening & Resident Move

The event, marked by distinguished guests and cherished rituals, epitomised the community spirit and the enduring values that define MercyCare. 

Distinguished guests, including The Most Reverend Don Sproxton, Auxiliary Bishop of Perth, Our Sisters of Mercy led by Sister Ma-ree, and esteemed local community members, commemorated this significant milestone. 

A Touch of Heritage

The ceremony was rich with symbolism, featuring the planting and watering of an olive tree—a poignant connection to MercyCare’s historic roots—and the blessing of hands with olive oil sourced from our trees in Wembley.

For MercyCare, the olive tree embodies the link between MercyCare Maddington and our organisation’s legacy, signifying our ongoing commitment to the values instilled by our founders.

Excitement filled the air as attendees explored the new building, envisioning it less as a brick and steel structure and more as a warm and welcoming home for current and future residents. Culinary delights crafted by our talented chefs added to the festivities, providing a taste of the comfort and care awaiting within.

Chief Executive Officer of MercyCare, Anthony Smith, said the new home reflects MercyCare’s vision. 

“The values of MercyCare, and who we are as an organisation, have come to life in this building.  

“We have created a home that is a community. And this built-form, together with our care model, makes it truly person-centred and something we are very proud of.”  

Our New Home

The state-of-the-art facility comprises six homes, each designed to accommodate 18 residents with high care needs, including secure wings catering to 36 ambulant residents living with advanced dementia.

Years of meticulous planning and collaboration with leading architects, designers, and healthcare professionals have culminated in a $35 million build offering top-tier care, comprehensive therapy services, and cutting-edge technology to enhance resident well-being and independence.

Moving in

As our existing cohort of 50 residents settles into their new surroundings, we eagerly anticipate witnessing how this building evolves into a true home.

The profound impact it will have on its occupants underscores the significance of this momentous occasion that marks not just the opening of a building but the beginning of a new chapter in the lives of those we serve.

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