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National Apology Day Yarn

15 years ago today, then-Prime Minister Kevin Rudd apologised to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people on behalf of the Australian federal government. The apology formally recognised the tens of thousands of Aboriginal children who were forcibly removed from their families during Australia’s assimilation era.  

MercyCare staff came together today on the 13th February, in person and online to watch the speech delivered from Kevin Rudd and to yarn about what has happened since that date. The group discussed the changes that have happened and how MercyCare has adapted our services to better advocate for and support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.  

At the same time, the Australian Federal Government met to announce the new $424 million Closing the Gap plan that addresses a number of areas of indigenous disadvantage including housing, food, education and water infrastructure. The plan is in response to the 2022 Closing the Gap Report which showed that limited progress on key targets for improving outcomes has been made. 

Resources on the National Apology are available via Reconcilliation WA or the National Today website.

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