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New shirts for our Volunteers!

The panel, which featured Tanya Filevski, MercyCare’s Volunteer Lead, and Jacqui Wheelen, Manager of Multicultural Support Services, along with dedicated volunteers Kerry Brown and Lynne Rogers from Kelmscott Residential Aged Care, initially set out to celebrate and discuss the invaluable contributions of volunteers. 

The event took an unexpected yet delightful turn when Kerry, seizing a spontaneous moment, suggested that volunteers receive their own T-shirts.

This light-hearted idea may have been initially met with laughter throughout the venue, but it sparked genuine interest in Tanya and Siena.

Recognising the merit of Kerry’s proposal, Tanya and her colleague Siena saw a unique opportunity to honour their volunteers in a new way. 

Motivated by this idea, they enthusiastically approached the project and applied for funding through the CEO Initiative Fund. They proposed providing volunteers with unique T-shirts as a token of appreciation and a way to further solidify the community. 

The project was about giving a physical item and a testament to the organisation’s acknowledgement of volunteers’ significant role at MercyCare. 

The initiative was enthusiastically met, and the resulting T-shirts were a hit among the volunteers.

The new shirts symbolise more than just a piece of clothing; they represent a badge of honour, celebrating the spirit of volunteerism and the community’s appreciation of these everyday heroes. 

These unique T-shirts, also worn proudly by Kelmscott Residential Aged Care volunteers, tell a story of recognition, respect, and community.

This story began with a simple suggestion that blossomed into a meaningful project, bringing smiles and a renewed sense of pride to everyone involved.

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