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Opportunity to connect

Young people at MercyCare’s Carlow House and with our Reconnect program will now have better opportunity to connect with friends, family and access education and training thanks to a grant for refurbished iPhones, laptops and iPads, plus six months free data.

MercyCare received the grant through our partnership with Youth Affairs Council of Western Australia which was provided funding by Department of Communities for 300 refurbished devices for vulnerable young people aged 16 to 24.

MercyCare’s Carlow House provides 24-hour supported accommodation for young people 16 to 19 years old who are experiencing homelessness of at risk of becoming homeless. Our team believe in walking alongside young people and empowering them to learn new skills. We encourage all young people to build their confidence, self-esteem, strong relationships and support networks for moving into private or shared accommodation and adulthood. All the young people at Carlow House are completing education or training.

MercyCare’s free Reconnect program supports young people aged 12-18 years and their families who are experiencing family conflict or other issues which could eventually lead the young person being unable to stay at home.