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Seven benefits of free-play for children

Swimming lessons, dance classes and soccer practice are great ways for children to build developmental skills, learn about routines and refine their motor skills but it’s important not to overlook the importance of free-play.

Between the family routine and structured activities, children should be given the time and space to enjoy unstructured play.

Child-initiated activity gives kids the opportunity to make choices, use their imagination and express themselves and there are plenty of benefits to it as well.

Independent individuals

Free-play teaches children how to entertain themselves and helps them learn to think independently and develop decision making skills. It provides opportunities for children to discover what interests them and what they are good at.

Socialised small people

Free-play teaches kids to play with others. It helps them learn to regulate their emotions and be aware of other people’s feelings. Letting children play amongst themselves allows children to develop conflict resolution skills and learn to take turns. Free-play also helps children learn how to be leaders and work as part of a team.

Better behaved bambinos

Kids sometimes just need some time to blow off steam. Studies show children who are given recess periods at schools where they can go off and play are better behaved in class than those who do not get such breaks.

More active moppets

Activities such as building a cubby house or even hopping around pretending to be kangaroos get kids moving. Physically active children generally grow up to be healthier adults.

Learned little-ones

Classrooms are not the only places that kids can acquire knowledge. Children not only learn about the world around them when playing but they learn to count while playing games such as hopscotch and learn how to tell stories while spending time with other children.

Creative kids

Free-play builds a child’s creativity and their ability to come up with unique ideas. It provides an opportunity for them to create and carry out ideas, actions, and activities.

Jolly juniors

Playing is fun so children enjoy themselves when given the opportunity.

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