Students make helping others look like a walk-in-the-park

6 August 2018

Aged care residents get fresh air while students gain skills.

Going for a walk to the park is a simple pleasure everyone should be able to enjoy.

A program providing this simple pleasure for those at MercyCare’s Residential Aged Care facility is also providing Education Support students with a learning opportunity.

Year 11 Belridge Education Support Centre students spend an hour a week interacting with the elderly residents at MercyCare’s Joondalup Residential Aged Care facility as part of an accredited course that encourages them to help other people.

The students have done a number of activities with the residents, including playing board games together and even running a bingo event for them.

When the weather is good, they head outside for a walk to a nearby park.

Carers at the centre say the residents enjoy the interaction and having the extra hands, means that more residents can enjoy the fresh air.

Our Joondalup Residential Aged Care facility is situated on the edge of Lake Joondalup nature reserve.

It offers residents and their families the chance to choose between restful peace and quiet or lively and active engagement with the wider community.

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