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The top-5 most heart-warming stories of 2018

With the year wrapping up, we would like to thank everyone for their support and would like to take a moment to reflect on what a wonderful year 2018 has been. Here are some of our most heart warming stories from across our organisation to take you into the new year – enjoy! 


Intergenerational experiences at MercyCare

There is overwhelming evidence that shows both the educational and social benefits of connecting young and older people through intergenerational activities. The interaction between the two generations brings new energy, knowledge and enthusiasm to each other’s lives. 


Disability should not deter potential employees

Katalina was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa and while she hasn’t lost her sight completely, she is now considered legally blind. A nine-month traineeship with MercyCare involved administration work across different areas of the organisation, including reception, finance and human resources, before a longer placement with Family and Migration Community Services in Mirrabooka.


A reflection on a special meeting

Mercedes College students Mackenzie and Emily were kind enough to share their reflection on hearing activist and author Loung Ung speak at our Oration.


There’s more to teaching English than pens and words

Teaching English to people who have spent most of their lives with little or no knowledge of English can be challenging but Mitzi says it is a rewarding way to spend a couple of hours each week.


Tips for a long and happy life from our resident centenarian

Jim says his wife Patricia never wanted to move in to a retirement village but Patricia now says “it was the wisest thing we did.” They’ve now been at Mercy Village for 11 years. Read what Jim believes are the secrets to a long and happy life.