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Volunteering to Give Back: Jordan’s Aged Care Experience

As part of Jordan’s Biomedical university course requirements, he had to undertake a “real world learning experience”, and that’s when he decided to give volunteering with MercyCare a go – and he hasn’t looked back since. 

Despite only volunteering for about three months, his time has been incredibly impactful for the residents. He provides them with morning teas filled with beautiful classical music he plays on the piano. But that’s not all – Jordan’s love for history and passion for sports make him a well-rounded volunteer who has created strong bonds with the residents.  

Jordan’s piano playing has particularly captured the attention of one resident. Ginny, who herself is a pianist. Watching Ginny listen intently while Jordan plays is truly beautiful to watch, as she moves her fingers as if she is the one playing. The power of music has clearly been a real highlight in her life, and Jordan has provided her with something extraordinary.  

Jordan’s love for history also means he enjoys listening and learning from the residents, allowing him to create lasting bonds with them. Some of his favourite memories involve listening to the residents’ stories and learning about their lives, from being a Jehovah’s Witness in Africa to living through World War II in London. Through these experiences, Jordan has not only created memorable moments for himself but also for the residents.  

Having only ever volunteered with kindergarteners, aged care was a new learning experience for Jordan.  
“The breadth and diversity of people you meet forces you to learn and adapt to new forms of communication and helps develop a strong sense of empathy”, explains Jordan.

Despite graduating in June, Jordan plans to continue volunteering at Rockingham Residential Aged Care because he understands the value of giving back. He encourages others to “give it a go” it’s not only the residents that benefit from these interactions. 
“There is much to learn from people who have quite literally gone through it all”.  

In anticipation of his future studies in medicine, Jordan is grateful for the skills and experiences he has gained through volunteer work, which will undoubtedly benefit him in the future. 

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