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Our History

We continue to help West Australia be the great State it is, building on the legacy our Sisters of Mercy first started in Western Australia over 170 years ago.

Our humble story begins with a small band of Irish Mercy sisters who made a new home in the Swan River colony in 1846, inspired by their founder Sister Catherine McCauley to help people experiencing significant disadvantage.

Within a month of their arrival in Perth they had set up a school with desks and chairs made from their packing crates, and begun educating girls and young women, taking care of vulnerable children and nurturing distressed families. As time progressed they also began to nurse people who were elderly, sick or dying, provide a place for those without a home, offer child care and support long-term unemployed people to find jobs.

Fast forward to today and MercyCare, now a lay led public company limited by guarantee, is still caring for people in these situations and working with them to find pathways into new and better lives. With more than 1200 employees and over 169 volunteers, delivering 29 services in 48 locations in WA, MercyCare now reaches even further into the community with services in Aged Care and Child Care, Mental Health and Youth Homelessness, Fostering and Group Family homes, Intensive Family Support, Settlement and Workforce Services, and for Asylum Seekers waiting in the community while they apply to stay.

Our vision for the future is clear, to enable individuals and communities to thrive, not just survive. From our long experience we know that this is possible, we know how to get there, and we’re on our way to making this happen.

While times have changed since our founders first started the work of MercyCare in Perth in 1846, one thing remains the same – every single person in our community matters.

Celebrating heritage at Wembley

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Celebrating 175 Years

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