Donate to MercyCare today and make a difference in a person’s life

There are many ways you can support and contribute to MercyCare’s programs and help us work towards our mission of bringing compassion and justice to life by breaking cycles of significant disadvantage.

Big or small, there are many ways MercyCare can use your donation to make a difference in a person’s life, such as:

Back to school donations

Make sure every Western Australian child has the opportunity to be school ready.
At MercyCare we work alongside many children and young people in our community services who would benefit from small donations that would help them get ready for school. Your donation will be used to buy the items specifically needed by our children and young people to give them the best start to their new school term.

First Time Ever Fund

The First Time Ever Fund creates experiences that builds children’s confidence, good memories, bonds with their foster families or carers and because of this, their expectations of a great future.

Almost always these are ‘first time ever’ experiences – the kind that you might remember from your childhood, or the sorts of things you have made happen for your own children. Joyful experiences used therapeutically to develop potential.

Your donation will go to different customised experiences for individuals or groups, including taking Aboriginal children in care back to country.

MercyCare Youth Fund

The MercyCare Youth Fund helps vulnerable young people aged between 12 and 25 find appropriate, stable, safe accommodation; stay engaged in school and education; find pathways into training and employment; reconnect to their community and culture and support and celebrate young leaders.

Supporting Asylum Seekers and Refugees

When people arrive in Australia seeking asylum, their journey is far from over. They face immediate and multiple challenges as they wait for the status of their visa to be decided – including finding work, supporting their families, securing schooling for their children and connecting to an unknown community – all of this in a language other than their own.

MercyCare works to provide opportunities for asylum seekers, refugees and new migrants who, with few resources, are taking the next step to independence. You can help a new arrival to Australia with your donation to help towards:

  • English lessons to help gain access to employment or further education
  • Short skills-based courses in areas with employment prospects
  • Bridging courses to higher education
  • Driving lessons to increase mobility in the community
  • Sporting club involvement to promote community inclusion

Child care for parents trying to access any of the above opportunities