Thornlie Early Learning Centre

Thornlie Early Learning Centre

Our Thornlie Early Learning Centre is conveniently located just off Spencer Road, near Thornlie train station. Since opening in 2009, we still have educators working with us to this day. We are a culturally diverse centre and have many long-term families with us, some spending over staying for over eight years as siblings transition to school. Big, bright rooms and large outdoor play areas offer children plenty of space to play and learn in a range of multi-purpose areas. As part of their early learning experience, our centre also has a fish tank for children to enjoy and learn about the responsibility required for caring for living things, whilst also developing their sense of empathy.

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Exceeding-72-RGB.jpgOur centre is rated as "Exceeding" the National Quality Standards.

Multicultural Service

We strongly support children in developing their sense of belonging to their community and encourage children to participate in the day care’s weekly activities as well as incursions. We have an adventurous teddy bear who spends time with a different family each week to learn about how each family spends their weekends. Recapping journal entries from the visit encourages children to learn about different cultures and lifestyles in a comfortable, fun way.

Intergenerational Activities

We have  developed a partnership with MercyCare’s Residential Aged Care facility in Kelmscott. Co-location brings great benefits to our youngest and oldest West Australians when they become connected. Spending time with older Australians forms valuable intergenerational bonds that many children do not have the opportunity to experience.

It has been suggested that children in intergenerational daycare programs are more patient, express more empathy, exhibit more self-control and have better manners than children in traditional programs. Creating this intergenerational opportunity means children are exposed to the traditions and wisdoms of previous generations while developing respect and empathy the for older members of the community. By creating art, listening to stories and playing games, children have a new social circle at the Early Learning Centre to share ideas and learn new skills with.



Leah has been at MercyCare’s Thornlie Early Learning Centre since it opened in 2009.

She has a Diploma in Children’s Services and has been working in child care since 2003.

Leah has enjoyed seeing not only the centre grow but the families who are part of it grow as well.

She’s watched the children develop and learn and really values play based learning, an area the centre has a strong focus on.

Leah has two children of her own and enjoys spending her time with them and her extended family outside of work.

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Opening times – 6.30am – 6.00pm, Monday - Friday

1 Wilfred Court, Thornlie WA 6018

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