Our Programs

We stay up-to-date with the latest local and global research into early childhood and regularly asses our processes to ensure we are providing your child with the best possible experience.

Early Years Learning Framework

This framework covers all areas as children experience play-based learning to develop their communication, language, social and emotional skills. We focus on children belonging, being and becoming, encouraging their individual strengths and interests along the way. We do this through books and storytelling, songs, rhymes, dancing, painting and gardening together, which provides children with the opportunity to develop listening skills and become part of a group.

West Australian Kindergarten Curriculum Guidelines

This document builds on the Early Years Learning Framework and ensures steady development.

The National Quality Standards

This ensures our educational programs and practices are stimulating, engaging and enhancing children’s learning and development on a daily basis.

My Time Our Place

Our school based programs implement this framework.


Our learning environments

Babies (0-2yrs)

Your baby will feel at home and comfortable in our safe and happy space. Our educators will help your child to settle into their own routine, support and develop their self-help skills and relieve any separation anxiety. Language is a large milestone for our babies to explore, and our programs create the best outcomes for each child during this critical developmental age. To assist in sleeping routines, each centre has a separate room with cots to keep children comfortable and peaceful.

Toddlers (2-3yrs)

Your child will enjoy a flexible routine in our toddler rooms. Our supportive educators use engaging programs for your child, taking into account their individual interests, needs and strengths. As your child develops their self-help skills and positive interactions with their peers, they are encouraged to develop independence, take responsibility for their own actions and find solutions to problems. In preparation for kindergarten, we encourage children to focus on toilet training, speech development and general “everyday” tasks such as putting their plates and cups away after lunch or tidying up after play.

Kindergarten (3-4yrs)

Your child will feel confident to expand their curiosity and creativity with an individual program tailored to their interests. Our educators liaise with teachers from the local schools to identify the best ways to prepare children for school and to make sure that they are confident learners. We focus on the whole child and ensure children feel secure, confident and independent enough to try new things and thrive in an education setting.

Pre-school (4-6yrs)

Your child will work with a qualified early educational teacher to learn skills that transition them from early learning to being ready and confident to embrace kindergarten. Concepts around literacy, numeracy, science, language and technology are all encouraged and help to ensure your child is ready to take the next big step into schooling. To ensure this, we take a holistic approach that ensures our children develop the necessary social skills and feel secure, confident and independent.

Our learning outcomes for pre-school children include:

  • Concepts – so that children have a better understanding of big/little, hard/soft, empty/full
  • Pre- writing and reading skills
  • Pre-numeracy
  • Memory and recall skills
  • Problem solving
  • Gross motor development
  • Fine motor development
  • Personal and social capability