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A vibrant celebration of the Nyoongar seasons

For anyone lamenting the fact we are not even half way through winter yet, you can take some comfort that at least August is not usually as cold as June and July.

While weather forecasters talk about winter, spring, summer and autumn, the subtle differences in our weather throughout the year are defined in more detail in the seasons defined by our first peoples.

According to the Nyoongar calendar of seasons, we are currently in Makura, the coldest and wettest time of year and sometime around the start of August it will become Djilba, when days will become warmer and nights will become increasingly clear and cold.

There are six seasons in the Nyoongar seasonal calendar which are defined more-so by the changes in whether patterns than dates on calendars.

MercyCare recently received six vibrant paintings that depict the Nyoongar seasons after commissioning artist Janetia Knapp, a Nyoongar elder (whose people are part of the Goreng dialectal group) to paint the series.

The paintings will grace the walls of the newly refurbished Sister Martin Kelly Centre in Wembley.

MercyCare is currently celebrating the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as part of NAIDOC Week.

Our Aboriginal Pathway Strategy is designed to enhance our overall relationship with Aboriginal people and communities: