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Creating Starfish for Children in Care

Each crafted starfish will become an integral part of a vibrant reef display for the upcoming book launch of “Wonky’s Yarn”, which will take place at Boronia Women’s Prison.

“Wonky’s Yarn” is the latest addition to the Story Animals book series and tells the story of a young whale calf who begins to understand the significance of listening to the wisdom bestowed by Elders.

The Story Animals book series has been thoughtfully designed to support children and families in understanding challenging subjects, through a trauma-informed approach. Notably, every animal created to launch this series is donated to a child in care.

Collaboration, creativity, and social responsibility were woven into the fun sewing workshop, bringing together individuals from various parts of MercyCare’s Family and Community Services directorate.

“It was a great opportunity to engage with my co-workers and peers across FCS in a relaxed and fun environment, getting to know more about them and being creative for a good cause”, explains Julia Bates, Fostering Coordinator.

The starfish symbolises collective dedication in the “Wonky’s Yarn” book launch and the Story Animals series. They are part of a shared commitment to facilitating understanding and healing among children and families facing complex experiences and emotions.

Stay Tuned! We have now been provided with the patterns to make all the animals from across the series. We are looking to set up a regular sewing group for staff, partner agencies and the people we work with to make animals for children with trauma and/or disability. The animals we make may be the child’s totem, related to a particular story or one identified by the child as making them feel safe.