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Eco Warriors Up-skill at Perth City Farm

Plant propagation is an excellent life skill to have and an essential one for any Eco Warrior. It’s the best way to affordably develop your garden and create kilos of food for free, and it also happens to be an awesome opportunity to get messy, while learning a new skill to take back to the children at our centres.

Under the expert guidance of Perth City Farm’s horticulturalist, Shani, our team of Eco Warriors spent an afternoon learning all the main propagation techniques, which can be applied to indoor and outdoor plants. Participants used clippings, bulbs, roots and seeds from City Farm’s own garden to practice and received important tips on preparing the perfect soil for their new plants.

MercyCare Early Learning is committed to environmentally sustainable practices and education. Through our unique Eco Warriors Program, children develop a love for learning about and caring for our environment.

There is a dedicated Eco Warrior at each of our centres, who has a passion for protecting the environment and championing eco-friendly learning activities. These special educators teach the children that their actions can have a big impact on the world around them, so that they can become stewards of the environment at an early age.

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