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Emerging Leaders graduate from management course

As part of MercyCare’s commitment to engaging and empowering people, 15 staff recently completed a Leadership & Management course facilitated by AIM WA.

MercyCare are investing in staff by committing to nurture and create pathways for emerging leaders within the business. This initiative has positively impacted various service sectors, such as Aged Care, Home Care, Early Learning, Community, and Corporate Services.

“I was nervous at the start of the course in February, but by the end of August there was a dramatic change in the group, we went from peers to leaders, and it was an exciting journey.” – Course participant

The Emerging Leaders Program covers essential skills like leadership, communication, operational planning, team development, emotional intelligence, and continuous improvement. Participants also have the opportunity to apply their learning towards obtaining a Certificate IV in Leadership and Management

This strategic initiative aligns with MercyCare’s 2023 Strategic Plan, emphasising investment in services and people to strengthen the organisation’s mission capability.

Anthony Smith, MercyCare CEO emphasised that this journey is controlled by the participating staff, fostering a proactive and enthusiastic learning environment. This commitment to staff development underscores MercyCare’s dedication to empowering its workforce.

Emerging Leaders Program Overview

  • Leadership and communication skills
  • Coordination of business operational plans and priorities
  • Supporting the learning and development of teams and individuals
  • Developing and using emotional intelligence
  • Implementing continuous improvement.

Investing in emerging leaders

The initiative was developed in line with the 2023 MercyCare Strategic Plan with a focus on investing in our services and people, to strengthen mission capability.

“Investment in our people is essential for MercyCare’s success.” said Martin Wandmaker, Executive Director of People, Culture & Brand.

“Investment in leadership is instrumental. The AIM Leaders program is a core element in our capacity building as an organisation”

In the 2022-23 Financial year, 8,730 hours of learning were completed by MercyCare Staff and volunteers across 204 individual courses.

How the participants are applying their learning in the workplace

The course has already started to positively impact the workplace with participants expressing details for their improvement.

“I really feel that I have grown so much since starting the course, it has made me more confident in my role and myself personally” One participant said.

Leadership skills from the course focused on individual differences and strengths within a team.

“It has helped me recognise the current strengths within my team and see how each person’s strengths play a part in going forward together.”

Course participants recognised in MercyCare Excellence Awards

Every year, the MercyCare Excellence Awards recognise staff and volunteers who go above and beyond in their roles, live by the MercyCare values, and contribute significantly to the community.

In September, three graduates of the Leadership Course were recognised for their work in the community. This is a testament to the individuals and their growth through the program.

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