MercyCare continues to take advice from the WA Department of Health and the Australian Government on the COVID-19 pandemic regarding the health and safety of our service users and staff. Read the latest information and updates.

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Our Services

You will not find a team more passionate and dedicated to providing excellent in-home care. We do so in a personalised way that respects your preferences, protects your dignity and supports your independence.

    Our services include

    • Community and Companionship

      Keeping and making friends

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    • Personal Care and Well Being

      E.g. showering, dressing, medication management

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    • Home and Garden Maintenance

      E.g. household cleaning, ironing and gardening

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    • Meal Planning and Preparation

      Planning and preparing tasty, nutritious meals

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    • Support for Family and Carers

      Short-term care, day and overnight respite

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    • Falls Prevention and Safety

      Aids and equipment to keep safe

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    • Up to date Availability

      We currently have availability

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    • Multiple Locations

      Whole of Perth metropolitan area

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    Domestic and Gardening Support

    Having a clean, well maintained home environment makes a big difference to how you feel. After all, it is where everyone spends most of their time. Our home care services can help restore a sense of confidence in your home so you can host friends and family.

    We can arrange regular weekly or fortnightly cleaning to keep your house and property clean and tidy. There is no shame in asking for a bit of a hand with things, it is what we are here for. This can include:

    • Cleaning, tidying, washing dishes.
    • Mopping, sweeping, vacuuming, dusting.
    • Cleaning toilets and showers.
    • Making the beds, changing linen, doing laundry.
    • Gardening, lawn mowing, weeding.
    • Shopping.
    • Paying bills.

    Personal Care

    Enjoy the confidence and happiness that comes from looking and feeling your best with our in-home personal care and wellbeing services. As you get older, looking after yourself can become harder.

    Everyday personal care is essential to independent living at home, which is why we provide access to personal services including:

    • Bathing, showering and grooming.
    • Personal hygiene, skin care and toileting.
    • Mobility or simply transfer in and out of bed.
    • Assistance in using continence aids and appliances and managing continence.
    • Taking medication and medication management.

    Keeping You Connected with the Community

    You deserve to live a happy and fulfilled life full of purpose. Staying connected with friends and community is a crucial part of this. Our tailored home care services can help you achieve this with the following services designed to help keep you engaged:

    • Community activities such as social and fitness groups.
    • Movies, shows and day trips to interesting and exciting locations.
    • Shopping trips.
    • Technology to help you stay safe and keep in touch: for some of our clients, we have supported the purchase of personal alarms, tablets and iPads to enable contact with family and friends. We live in the 21st century, so we make the most out of modern technology to make your life better.
    • One-on-one time in the home: for some clients, having a carer spend some time with them in their home can be the social activity they prefer. It is all about fostering connection with people on a level that works for them.

    Meal Planning and Preparation

    Enjoying great food in the comfort of your own home is one of life’s greatest pleasures. We can help you with all aspects of everyday food shopping and meal preparation so that you can enjoy tasty, healthy and nutritious meals on a daily basis - our carers can help with everyday food shopping and cooking, including:

    • Healthy, tasty recipe suggestions; including assistance with special diets for health, religious, cultural or other reasons.
    • Planning and preparing your meals.
    • Visiting your local grocery store, supermarket, butcher, bakery with you or helping you to do your shopping online – whatever you prefer.
    • Transport to and from the shops.
    • Help carrying shopping bags.
    • Putting the groceries away and making sure foods are stored safely.
    • Using kitchen utensils and eating aids or feeding assistance.

    Assisted Transport

    We can help with transport so you do not miss out on living life the way you want.

    Freedom of mobility is fundamental to a fulfilling life. Nobody wants to feel trapped in their home all day. There are things you enjoy doing and errands you need to run. This could be to do your shopping, going to appointments, fitness classes or social events. Our friendly and supportive team are here to help you get to the places you want to go. We offer more than just a transport service - we will accompany you to do your banking, shopping, to events in your community or to any other location that you might want to visit to provide company and a helping hand.

    We understand that clients need help in different ways. If you prefer to travel more independently we can organise taxi or fuel vouchers for you or your carer.

    Whatever your need, we can help you in the way that best suits you. We will get you where you want to go safely and on time. No trip is too big or too small.

    Nursing services

    Nursing care is available 7 days a week in your home.  We will be there for you when you come home from hospital if you need us.

    Our nurses can help with:

    • Health assessments to support you to be safe and independent in your home including falls risk assessments, cognitive assessment and clinical assessments to ensure your general well being.
    • Continence and catheter management.
    • Wound care.
    • Diabetic care.
    • Medication support.
    • Respiratory care.
    • Stoma care.
    • Chronic Disease Management.

    We can also provide:

    • Transport to visit health practitioners.
    • Medical supplies and equipment.
    • Allied health assessment and services including podiatry, occupational therapy, physiotherapy and speech therapy.

    Private Services

    MercyCare provides the highest quality private services to assist an individual living in their own home. Whether you are looking for extra support for yourself or for a loved one, we can help provide the services you need to maintain independence.

    We will make sure you feel confident and safe to remain living in the comfort of your own home for as long as you choose and have more energy left over to enjoy other activities.

    • Cleaning, ironing, washing, meal preparation.
    • Gardening, lawn mowing, car washing, handyman visits.
    • Showering, bathing, dental hygiene, dressing.
    • Transport to appointments, assistance with shopping, social outings.

    Falls Prevention and Safety

    A fall and the subsequent fear of future injuries it causes often results in you being unable to do the things you want or need to do. We will meet with you, understand if you have had any falls in the past and discuss your needs. With a focus on your health and wellbeing, together we will develop an in-home care plan tailored to you to enable you to stay safe, independent and confident on your feet to keep you in your home for as long as possible.

    Our complete falls prevention services include:

    • Short-term programs: designed by a physiotherapy team to help improve your mobility, balance and strength to give you back the confidence in your own abilities.
    • Personal alarms: give yourself and your loved ones peace of mind knowing that someone is there to answer your call for help any time of the day or night.
    • Short Term Restorative Care: a goal-focused, multi-disciplinary program that can assist with your safety and the prevention of falls.
    • Home modifications: typically involve bathrooms and kitchens, so that everyday tasks can be carried out. Benches and workspaces can be lowered, taps and handles changed, rails, ramps and shower hoses installed, and doorways and hallways widened to accommodate chairs or frames. Sometimes a functional room such as a bathroom can be installed on a ground floor. Garden modifications are part of making a home safe and easy to navigate. Garden modifications can include installing safety sensor lights, sprinkler systems, ramps and rails and altering gate handles.

    Get started today

    For more details about how we can help provide the services and care that will help you to live independently and on your own terms, call us today.

    Why you should choose MercyCare:

    • ​Vision: our vision is for people and communities to thrive.
    • Consistency and quality of our care team: we are proud of our highly qualified, well trained, long-term team. Our staff are carefully selected and we strive to match you with people that you will feel comfortable with. Because of this, many of our services users develop strong bonds with their support team. 
    • No joining, upgrade or exit fees: we want to make it as easy as possible for you to choose the most suitable provider for your needs. That is why we also offer simple, no lock-in contracts. 
    • Your independence is everything: you will have a dedicated coordinator who will advocate for your choices and preferences and always act in accordance with your best interest. They are someone you can trust, who listens to you, is independent and will understand your personal circumstances. 
    • Tailored, flexible, personalised services: our team will spend time with you to understand your needs and preferences. With a deeper understanding of your likes and dislikes, we can provide better advice to help you make informed decisions. As your needs change, we will work with you to ensure you receive the services and quality care you require to live your best life as you choose.
    • A proven track record: we have been working to improve the quality of life of West Australians in the community for over 175 years - 40 of those years have been dedicated to providing the best possible aged care services.

    We also offer: