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Global Intergenerational Week

This annual worldwide campaign encourages everyone to embrace intergenerational practice and relationships, and recognise that relationships between older and younger people are not just ‘nice’ but essential.

MercyCare is committed to fostering intergenerational connections and provides opportunities for them to grow and thrive by bringing together clients from our residential aged care homes with the children at our early learning centres.

Early Learning Heathridge welcomes special guests

Most recently, Early Learning Heathridge welcomed 11 residents from Joondalup Residential Aged Care home. The connection between the children and residents was heart-warming and the benefits of the program could be seen and felt in the interactions, facial expressions and conversations.

MercyCare’s Intergenerational Program aims to strengthen and empower both the children and residents through emotional and social interactions and collaboration.

During the visit the children and the residents shared tea parties, enjoyed look and find books, stories and play-dough fun.

To farewell the visitors the children sang some familiar songs including Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Miss Polly. These were followed by a rendition of their favourite song Baby Shark!

We look forward to welcoming the residents back to Early Learning Heathridge next month.

Why are intergenerational programs important?

“Intergenerational programs can provide so many benefits to participants, and we cannot wait to see our children and residents thrive and grow from these experiences,” said Courtney Barnard, Mission and Strategy Project Lead for MercyCare Early Learning Service.

“By matching early learning centres with local MercyCare aged care facilities, we hope that our children will develop a broader understanding of what makes up a community and their place in it. They may also learn from the residents’ experiences and guidance and become familiar with acknowledging and including our diverse community with care and dignity.”

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