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Heart is MercyCare

Watch the video below.

Behind each of the video scenes is a story. Below you can read all about the inspiration behind the footage. 

Heart is feeling special 

On Mother’s Day, residents from our Kelmscott Residential Aged Care home were treated to a day of pampering. This story really warmed the heart.*

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Heart is discovering your passion

MercyCare disability participant Vaso has developed a trusting bond with our support worker Garry, whom Vaso now considers a ‘good friend’.* 

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Heart is opportunity 

Olive oil harvested from our Wembley site was put to good use by our Multicultural Services team, who used it for soap and candle-making workshops for refugee and migrant women.*

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Heart is choosing to rebuild

A bike-building workshop for young people proved to be a great way to encourage more engagement within our Amber Youth Wellness program.* 

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Heart is unconditional love 

Our beloved therapy dog Alfie works two days a week with Wembley aged care and dementia residents. The three-year-old cavoodle always brings a smile to the residents’ faces.

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Heart is feeling safe 

MercyCare Family Group Homes Coordinator Bradd Pullella is passionate about advocating for the children in his care, putting their needs first and keeping them safe.*

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*Photos featured in this email were taken during filming of the Heart Is shoot and may not necessarily represent people mentioned in each of the stories.