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Safeguarding Children and Young People


We believe children and young people have a right to be safe, feel safe, be cared for and be respected.

Whatever They Do. Wherever They Are.

It is OK for them to say NO to anyone who is hurting their feelings or body.

It is OK for them to say NO to anything that makes them feel unsafe or uncomfortable.

It is OK for them to tell an adult they trust if they are upset, feel unsafe or have been hurt.

MercyCare's Promises

Be alert to child abuse and neglect.
Protect children and young people in our care from harm.
Act quickly to respond if something is wrong.
Create and keep up a child safe culture.

Please contact us for more information or to bring an issue to our attention


For Children

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Safeguarding Children2.9MB

For Young People

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Safeguarding Young People3.7MB

For Parents and Carers

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Safeguarding Children and Young People8.8MB

What does child safe mean for children and young people?

  • People care about and respect them
  • They feel included and people are kind to them
  • No one is mean to them 
  • They are not hurt 
  • They know the rules 
  • They have choices 
  • They can have fun and be happy
  • People listen to them 
  • They can talk about any problems they have
  • People help them to sort out their problems

If a child or young person in our care: 

  • is unhappy with the way they are being treated
  • is worried about themselves or someone they know 
  • feels unsafe or uncomfortable
  • or has been hurt

MercyCare will:

  • listen to you and treat you with respect 
  • take you seriously and act quickly to keep you safe
  • follow up your complaint, including reporting requirements
  • tell you about what we are doing and what is happening
  • offer you choices about how you want to respond

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