Carer Support

We work in partnership with you

We create strong working relationships with our Foster Carers with trust, respect, openness and creativity at its centre. Becoming a MercyCare Foster Carer means you become an integral part of a team focused on ensuring the very best for the children in our care.

We are responsive to the needs of our Foster Carers:

  • Every MercyCare foster carer has a dedicated case worker with regular joint planning, assessment, and goal setting for children. From the moment you enquire to a child being part of your family, we will support you every step of the way. MercyCare is committed to providing ongoing foster carer support that enables you and our team to provide the best care possible for a child in need.
  • We provide carers with development and training matched to their needs and the needs of the child, so both can grow and thrive.
  • MercyCare has a business support officer to provide timely responses to carer subsidies and additional cost reimbursements.
  • We have 24/7 support through an on-call service
  • We offer regular carer events, foster support and access to holiday activities, camps, and carer respite. We recognise that foster caring requires the care and support of a team. Our respite care program is for Foster Parents to have short breaks when needed. Respite may be for illness, travel, and additional support in caring for a child.
  • We are an accredited safeguarding organisation committed to keeping children safe and providing ongoing learning and development opportunities.
  • As an organisation, we are on a journey towards reconciliation and inclusion, and we encourage our carers to join us.