Dementia Care

At MercyCare we can provide a number of different options and environments to help care for West Australians living with dementia.

In-Home Support

Our In-home support service offers the option of having a qualified support worker to provide support to individuals living with dementia within the comfort of their own home. We can help encourage independence and safety around the home and support the individual living with dementia to continue doing the activities they enjoy within their own home environment.

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Everyone needs a break every now and again. Call us to find out more about how we can take excellent care of your loved one while you recharge your batteries.

Davis House

Davis House specialises in high care needs and offers an environment that is supportive to individuals living with dementia. We offer flexible services to accommodate the needs of each individual including day and overnight specialty care.

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Davis House is open from Monday to Sunday for day, evening and overnight respite. Respite can be used in a combination of ways to meet individual circumstances.

McAuley House

McAuley House is a day centre that supports people living with dementia. It offers a fun, social outing for people living with dementia. We have a calendar of events to suit specific needs of individuals living with dementia including cooking, dancing and celebrating special events.  

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McAuley is open Monday - Friday, 10am-4pm. The social centre is closed on public holidays.