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Early Learning NAIDOC Week Celebrations

NAIDOC Week is held annually across Australia in the first week of July to celebrate the history, cultures and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples.

Our early learning centres are committed to educating children about Aboriginal culture, to help promote cultural awareness and appreciation.

This years theme ‘For Our Elders’ highlights how Elders have been instrumental in shaping Aboriginal culture. They are cultural knowledge holders, trailblazers, nurturers, advocates, teachers, survivors, leaders, hard workers and loved ones. 

This NAIDOC Week, MercyCare’s early learning children have enjoyed fun and informative activities including arts and crafts, bush tucker gardening, and sensory experiences.

MercyCare Bennett Springs

The children of MercyCare Bennett Springs learnt about Aboriginal symbols and totems by recreating them with coloured pebbles and discussing the meaning with our educators. The children were engaged in the learning experience and enjoyed learning about the history and importance of connection to land.

MercyCare Landsdale

MercyCare Landsdale celebrated NAIDOC Week with a number of different activities throughout the week. The children used play dough to create various objects on mats and delved into amazing themed sensory trays. They listened to stories about the rainbow serpent and were busy cooking and playing in our community bush tucker garden!

The children were thrilled with these opportunities to explore and learn more about Indigenous culture and history.

MercyCare Banksia Grove

At MercyCare Banksia Grove children in the Jarrah and Collibah rooms have been learning about Dreamtime stories, how birds got their colours and the remarkable Rainbow Serpent!

After these stories, they created their own colourful birds and rainbow serpents by gluing on different coloured feathers and dot-painted paper plates.

Cultural awareness at MercyCare

Celebration and learning for NAIDOC Week across our early learning centres is an important part of our approach to diversity and inclusion.

We are committed to promoting cultural awareness and appreciation amongst children at our centres and love celebrating many vital festivals and cultures throughout the year.

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